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Eco friendly flooring: the well being flooring?

Eco friendly flooring is a healthy choice?

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Choose Eco friendly flooring and protect your home and the world around you.

Climate change has now become a household word and a stark reality. Most of us don’t want to run our lives around fixing it, but we’re more than happy to make small changes to help out. That’s the kind of realistic attitude that makes a difference!

Choosing your eco friendly flooring stair runner is just that kind of choice!

Pollution to your home and the world.

eco friendly flooring-VOC free stair runner

The synthetic portion of our carpet is made from petroleum byproducts. Yet more of these products are used to make most carpet backing these days. Commonly, five to ten treatments used in carpet manufacture are pollutants. Supplements and artificial dyes add to the list of contaminants carpets introduce to your home.

Voc packed adhesives are used to mount the backing to the carpet itself. You may recall that new carpet smell. That is the smell of voc and can have many adverse health effects.
Some of the documented effects include, asthma, breathing issues, itchy eyes, a feeling of irritability and cancer.

Choose our all natural stair runners and you get nothing! No chemicals, no voc, no health risks! All you add with your new natural stair runner is elegance and performance.

House dust mite

Hidden in the pile of your carpet are microscopically small house dust mite. These mite are excreting droppings into your carpet which are potent allergens. These can trigger various allergic reactions which include, eczema, asthma and rhinitis.

Stair Carpet Runners - Slogan

Our natural flooring is not hospitable to house dust mite. This is a breath of fresh air for you and your home.

Your brain becomes harmonious when it sees nature

Our home is one of the few places of peace left in today’s hectic world. Recent studies proved that the feeling of at peace in nature is rooted in biology as much as Psychology. Looking at natural products produces both enzymes and chemicals which induce a feeling of peace.

eco friendly flooring harmonize with nature

Your brain on nature is in harmony.

Installing your new eco friendly flooring stair runner is the gift of peace to you and your family.

Making a personal statement

We can all make a difference if we can find great products that also help the environment.

We are not just doing our bit, when we go eco. We are making a personal statement that can be an example to others and cause a ripple effect that helps us all!