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Holiday Sale on Stairway Carpets / Rugs!

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We're kicking off 2014 with a bang! Embellish your staircase with our beautiful selection of stair runners, on sale today. Add drama to your stairway by adding a border to your rug for free. View all our stairrunners and carpets here.

Introduction to Natural Flooring

Natural Flooring is an imaginative choice for any home. It offers an understated elegance, a fabulous compliment to wooden, antique or modern staircases, and an atmosphere of peace, which only comes with a furnishing made from 100% natural fibres. Add to that, it's 100% biodegradable so it has a neutral or even positive impact on the enviroment. Finally, it's extremely durable and generally wears better on a rub test than a domestic stair carpet, so expect a good life from these materials.

Why use our Stair Runners?

Aside from adding aesthetic value, carpet runners keep your stairways child-safe and elder-safe, since uncarpeted stairs tend to be very slippery. As an extra benefit, carpeting your staircase will muffle the sounds of constant foot traffic. The natural materials we use provide a very relaxing ambiance to your home and are generally more hard-wearing.

A Versatile Home Decor Staple

Our range of designer carpeting can adapt to your home's style. Our sleek designs, especially the black carpets, are perfect for modern / contemporary homes. For a more rustic effect, you can get our product sans the border and stair rod. For a more classic / traditional feel, get a lighter shade and complement with other artistic elements. A regal elegance can surely be achieved, especially on a winding staircase with ornate details.

Environmentally Friendly Carpets

All our carpets are handmade and crafted from natural, biodegradable materials, such as jute, sisal, coir, hemp, and seagrass.

Installation and USA / Canada Delivery

Need help in installation? We have posted several articles for your convenience, including pointers about stair treads, etc.

Nationwide delivery throughout Canada and USA. All our stair runners and rugs are bespoke; please allow 30 days for delivery.

Traditional Rug Carpet Runner

Jute carpet with black stripes
Jute Carpet with Black Stripes

Jute Stair Carpet Runner with Bleached Stripes
Jute Stair Carpet Runner w/ Bleached Stripes

Chocolate Sisal Runner with Black Border
Chocolate Sisal Rug Runner w/ Black Border

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