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Why Choose Coir Runners

If you have a busy home, you will no doubt have noticed how much wear your carpets take. Staircases are recognised as the highest wear area in a modern home. Kids' muddy footprints, spillages and heavy footfall all take their toll. Maintaining the appearance of your stair runner is literally an uphill battle!

Solution minded? Why not try a coir stair runner? Coir natural flooring is brimming with designer style, offers texture and adds life to your hall stairs and landing area. It can add an authentic look to a period home or a designer brush stroke to a modern one. What's more, coir flooring is one of the most durable floorings money will buy. Fitted on a good underlay, you can expect years of great appearance from your designer flooring.

You can finesse this product further by adding a designer linen border to match your décor. One last great reason to make a modest investment in a coir stairway runner is that it is a very environmentally friendly choice. So, for good looks, wear ability and a clean conscience, go for coir!

Our Coir Stair Runners

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Stair Rug made from Natural Coir Finished Product - Coir Panama Rug Runner

Coir Panama Natural Stair Runner

(Size: 24 feet 2 inches x 23.5 inches; suitable for up to 15 stairs)
Price: $371 $299
Bleached Coir Stair Rug Finished Product - Bleached Coir Stair Rug

Coir Panama Bleached Stair Runner

(Size: 24 feet 2 inches x 23.5 inches; suitable for up to 15 stairs)
Price: $379 $329

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* Due to monitor differences, the colours and textures depicted by this preview may vary from the actual product; and with all natural materials, irregularities in the handmade weave (ie. bobbles and snags) should be expected. All the rugs, carpets, and runners are handmade; thus, sizes are only an approximation.